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Irrigation systems: from consultancy to global delivery

Irrigation — Our irrigation systems specialist uses the example of an ebb-flow system to explain our working method.
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Efficiency in horticulture and in the greenhouse: investing in profitability

Efficiency — What can you do to improve the yield or efficiency in your greenhouse? We have listed a number of opportunities.
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Important trends and developments in horticulture

trends — What are current developments in horticulture and how does this affect day-to-day operations of the various growers?
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Products from B+H Solutions new to the Hortus product range

Partner — At the beginning of April, Hortus and B+H Solutions GmbH entered into an exclusive partnership. B+H Solutions produces patented Nano trace minerals that help to get a stronger, healthier, and more resilient plant. Hortus, an international supplier of...
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Crop rotation and greenhouse cleaning: an explanation of the necessity and the steps

Crop rotation — De teeltwisseling zet de toon voor de volgende stap in jouw teeltcyclus. Hoe voer je deze goed uit en waar moet je op letten?
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