Horti Twine HSI

Horti twine for vegetable cultivation

The product range of HSI is steadily increasing, and one of the latest new additions is the Horti Twine bell pepper twine or string. Nico van der Spek learned there was a need for a softer twine in a pepper crop. By processing the fibers, the horticultural string became softer and doesn’t cut into the crop as much. “This obviously benefits the crop”, he explains.

However, HSI did not want to lose the strength of the string, and they succeeded. Nico: “With our twine we are certainly competitive with other suppliers.”

Randor Cena and Nico van der Spek with the Horti Twine
Randor Cena and Nico van der Spek with the Horti Twine


Bio Twine

In addition to the traditional twine, there is also a bio version. “We see increasing sustainability in horticulture and we would like to contribute to that. Our bio twine also has an excellent breaking power.”

HSI offers the twine in different colors so that it is user-friendly. “Speaking of user-friendliness, because the twine is softer, there are no weird folds in the twine. This works well for people and saves on labor costs.”

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