HortiContact GO 2018

On 20, 21 and the 22nd of February, Hortus Supplies International will be present at the HortiContact GO 2018! After focussing on the Dutch horticulture for years, the exhibition broadens it’s horizon to the international horticulture sector. We are glad to be an exhibitor and are looking forward to meet you. Explore our innovative and sustainable products in boot 136. You can expect the following products in our stand:


Providing the plant with amino acids allowing the plant to focus her energy on other processes than generating aminos.

Resulting in more productive  growth, higher quality and many more…

Supramino Terra:

This mixture of carbon and amino acids with humic and fulvic acids improves the soil condition. It improves the development of fine roots and increases the uptake of nutrients.

Read Floraldaily’s article about the all natural products here!

The HSI strappingmachine in action:

HSI’s very own rollertraps and sticky traps:


The HortiContact GO 2018 is held in the Evenementenhal Gorinchem. Opening hours: 13.00 – 21.00

To find our stand: check out the floorplan.


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