HSI at the Hortitec, interview with Ariana.

On 20, 21 and the 22nd of June Hortus Supplies International will host stand 33B at the Hortitec 2018 in Brazil. We spoke with Ariana Sudario who will represent the Dutch horticultural supplier:

So, Ariana. You are attending the Hortitec in Holambra. This is the first time Hortus Supplies International is present. Why are you attending this exhibition?

“We, as Hortus Supplies International, are aiming to establish long-term relationships with growers in the South American market. Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America and has more than 8.000 flower growers. Next to the flower growers there is a huge agricultural market. The Hortitec is a major exhibition in the area and among the largest exhibitions in the world. Furthermore, the district of Holambra is responsible for 40% of the flower production in Brazil. So, I think this is the right place for us. With our expertise, products and experience I believe that Hortus Supplies can add a great value to the Brazilian market.”

What are you showcasing in the upcoming days?

“Brazil is ranked fifth in organic agriculture. We have developed a complete natural program of nutrients and stimulants, which will change the way of growing rapidly. After decades of chemical use in greenhouses, we can now decrease the use of these unhealthy products significantly! By using our natural products, crops will increase vitality and resistant against threads.  In addition to our natural program I will also present other products and services we are able to supply. Think of nursery supplies, technical installations and crop protection products. We like to offer growers a “TOTAL HORTI SOLUTIONS”, so our clients can put their full attention to what they are good at: growing!”

What do you expect to achieve this week?

“I hope to create long term relations with our Brazilian clients. As a Brazilian I know how important it is to have a strong personal relationship with a business partner. Brazil has a huge potential and I am sure we can help the Brazilian growers to realize their ambitions.”


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