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HSI venture into supplying medical cannabis growers

The “new flower” industry is absolutely exploding right now. With the legalization, the marijuana sector is at an all-time high. In order to meet the expectations of growers nowadays, Hortus Supplies International has introduced their own cannabis product line. Their lineup was introduced at the Greentech in Amsterdam. One of the eye catchers is the tailor made growing system.


Randor Cena, account manager North-America, explains: “We see that many growers are making a transition. Where they used to grow vegetables, flowers or fruit they are more likely to step into a cannabis adventure. This requires a different approach. With our cannabis line up, we want to give growers a complete package of products. Thank to our practical knowledge and experience we believe we are able to support growers in achieving the best possible yield!”

Cultivation system

Randor continuous: “To gain a head start during the set-up of your greenhouse it’s important to have the ideal growing system. With our cultivation system we enhance the efficiency and quality of your crop. We understand the needs of the crop, together with our clients we aim to create the best possible environment.”

Next to the cultivation system the lineup contains products such as grow pots, premixed (liquid) fertilizers, climate control, irrigation products and many more. For more information visit https://www.hsibv.com/product-categorie/cannabis/ or send an email to randor@hsibv.com

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