NieuwsDit maakt ons blij: geweldige recensie van FLORPAGANO

Dit maakt ons blij: geweldige recensie van FLORPAGANO

Wij hebben onlangs een geweldige recensie ontvangen van Alessandro Paganao van FLORPAGANO, omdat wij hier natuurlijk heel trots op zijn delen we deze recensie graag. U kunt de recensie hieronder lezen.

“For over 15 years, Hortus Supplies International has become the sole partner for the management of irrigation and climate control for our entire company, which covers an area of over 7 hectares. In the same period, all the new constructions and extraordinary maintenance of the existing installations were carried out exclusively with their collaboration.

We relied on Nico Van der Spek and all his staff because we find a high level of professionalism in the management of our requests, we are imemdiately informed about all the news regarding the technique and products for floriculture and we have very short times for the resolution of any problems related to water and climate management despite the distance of almost 2000 km.

This is why our company will continue to have Hortus Supplies International as the only partner for the management of its company installations.”

Op de foto ziet u links Alessandro Pagano en rechts Gianluca Pagano.


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