“Products at your Kenyan farm in a heartbeat”

The article below was published in the Floraldaily on Monday the 12th of February 2018:

Due to growing demand, Hortus Supplies International has found a way to deliver HSI products in the blink of an eye. By managing stock from Nairobi, the Aalsmeer based company is able to send HSI products to Kenyan growers within a day.

Director Richard Heemskerk: “In order to meet the expectations of the Kenyan growers we’ve managed to acquire storage to keep our stock. We are living in a 24/7 economy where customers expect to receive orders within 1 or 2 days. As Hortus Supplies International we want to speed up the delivery process and this is the best option for us.”

Account manager Mario Taal continues: “The transit time of containers can take up to 30 days and an air shipment can be expensive. We experienced that growers don’t want to keep a lot of stock at their farm. As of today we can offer another option: small amounts instead of bulk. We can deliver our products to greenhouses within 24 hours or they can be picked up.”

Mario Taal and Richard Heemskerk at the IFTEX 2017

Available products
For now HSI holds a stock which consist of the natural products Supramino, Supramino Terra, Optimus and AB Gel. The yellow roller- and sticky traps, high quality ironchelate and cut ‘n hold pruners. The standard sizes of PlantPaper, for propagation, are available. And there is a local mechanic on hand, who can help where needed. Mario Taal: “We keep listening to our customers, in the future we might consider to expend our stock in Kenya.”

For more information:
Hortus Supplies International
Noordpolderweg 21
1432 JH Aalsmeer
+ 31 297 52 49 19

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