Deciacover shading agent


DECIACOVER is a new product from horticultural supplier Hortus Supplies International. DECIACOVER is a removable white shading agent for greenhouses. The product reflects solar energy and creates a diffuse light. Excellent protection against heat and light. Next to that, during cloudiness and rain, DECIACOVER assures a better transmission of the light, as it becomes transparent. The use of DECIACOVER reduces stress and prevents flowers and fruits of burning. The shading agent has been studied and tested thoroughly critical in weather conditions and extreme environmental situations.



Mix DECIACOVER in water to create a homogeneous solution. The solution must be sprayed over a clean and dry greenhouse. The prefered temperature is between 18°C and 32°C.

On the basis of the preferred dilution, 1 bucket of DECIACOVER (eg 20-22 kg) is sprayed on a greenhouse area of MIN 700 m2, MAX 1400 m2 at the base.


  • Reflects solar energy
  • Creates diffuse light
  • Good value for money
  • Can be used on all greenhouses
  • Easy to wash off with a detergent
  • Resistance against extreme weather conditions

Standard solution: 20 kg shading agent / 80 ltr water

Application / Filter %

1 layer – 24%

2 layers – 41%

3 layers – 59%

4 layers – 78%