Flowercare Gypso

Flowercare Gypso

To make Gips bloom, highly concentrated sugar solutions are used. But high sugar concentrates stimulate bacterial growth and thus pollute the water. Bacteria are detrimental for the water transport inside the stems and can even fully block the water uptake. A deficient water uptake results in flaccid leaves and petals. Excessive bacterial growth also leads to slimy, smelly and unattractive stems. The use of Flowercare Gypso in the bucket water at the grower’s level effectively solves these problems and prolongs vase life considerably.


Flowercare Gypso contains all vital ingredients that are needed to keep your flowers in optimal condition after harvest.  After raw harvest of Gips, one should treat Gips for 2 hours with STS. When having reached the desired colour, Gips is usually treated with on average 300g sugar/L solution to support flowering. To prevent deficient water uptake, flaccid leaves and petals, slimy and smelly stems and improve vase life, simply add the Flowercare Gypso to the sugar solution.


Add 1 ml Flower Care Gypso per 1 l clear tap water.


Cut 3 to 5 cm off the bottom of the stems and remove the leaves under water level. Place the flowers in the solution.

Active ingredient

5-chloro-2methyl-2H-is othiazol-3-one


May cause sensitization by skin contact. Harmful to aquatic organisms and may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.


Flower Care Gypso is available in25, 200 and 1000 liter barrels.

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