Flowercare rose

Flowercare Rose

Harvested roses have to be treated and cared for correctly to ensure the best vase life at the consumer. Often roses become flaccid, show bent-neck or remain in the bud stage. The most important reason for this is a deficient water uptake, caused by an execessive bacterial growth and air bubbles in the stems. A hygienic way of working, fresh water and the use of Flowercare rose brings every rose to a complete bloom!


Flowercare rose contains substances that increase water uptake even after dry storage and reduce bacterial growth


2 ml per liter water. Life of solution: 1-3 days.

*Always use clean tap water and clean, with chlorine disinfected buckets. Never mix and old solution with a fresh one. Avoid any contact of the solution with metals.


Place the freshly cut roses in the Flowercare rose solution within 15 minutes after harvest. Leave the roses in this solution for at least 3 hours before grading. After grading, the roses can be placed back into the solution.

Active ingredient

Non-ionogenic wetting agent and Aluminium sulphate


Flowercare rose is available in 10, 25, 200 liter barrels.

Richard Heemskerk

Managing Director

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