Jack van Winden

Technical Sales Manager My name is Jack van Winden. As an Account Manager Technology, I translate any technical questions that growers may have into solutions. I specialise in all matters to do with water. This has to do with the fact that I was born and bred in the greenho...
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Rody de Graaf

Backofficemanager After two internships during my degree in Commercial Economics, I started working at HSI in October 2016. Nowadays, I manage the backoffice and as a team, we take care of your orders. Achieving something together gives me a lot of energy. And I enjoy...
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Robin Veenstra

Sales Representative / Area: Middle-East, Tanzania, Greece, Italy and Eastern Europe I am a customer-focussed, friendly and eager sales representative at Hortus. I am service-minded and good at listening to the client’s wishes. Maintaining good customer relations is my number 1 priority. In my time off, I like going to parties and ...
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Frank Combee

Sales Manager / Area: International My name is Frank Combee, and I have been working in horticulture and the horticultural supply sector for over three decades. I have global experience, and am always focused on providing solutions and service. As a sales manager, I am involved in sale...
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Randor Cena

Area manager / Area: North, Central and South America As International Area Manager at HSI, I am responsible for operations and finances in North, Central and South America. In this function, I focus on a broad range of work: from defining quality and sales targets and setting budgets up to business dev...
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Pim Gaasbeek

Sales Representative / Area: the Netherlands As a sales representative, I like to visit customers to highlight new developments in the market and to help them find the product they need. Besides this, I have a supportive role in the back office for Dutch and European customers. I focus on achie...
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Anouk Heemskerk-Voogt

Sales Representative / Area: Africa I started working in the agricultural sector in 2005, and I have worked at Hortus since 2009. In recent years, I have been involved in various commercial activities, and I have been responsible for sales and handling for various regions throughout th...
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Jos Roodenburg

Sales Representative / Area: Spain, Tanzania and Australia I have been working for HSI since 2005 and before then, I already worked in the horticultural sector for 12 years. So you can say that I have gained a lot of experience by now. At the moment, I am a member of the sales team and responsible for variou...
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Richard Heemskerk

Managing Director In 2005, Nico van der Spek, Willem Bakker and I launched the company Hortus Supplies International. Our passion is growth! We want to help growers to grow their crops and contribute in such a way that they can achieve a higher yield. I visit East Afr...
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Nico van der Spek

Senior Area Manager / Area: Africa and Europe Growing up on a farm as a child, I really feel at home at Hortus. What I enjoy most about my work is the personal contact with customers. Especially on location, because I can see the challenges they have to solve in real life. Nothing is better than...
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Ariana Sudario

Sales representative / Area: South America I am a sales representative at Hortus supplies International with a focus on solutions and customers. I am responsible for a varied customer portfolio. Service and communication are paramount to me. In my free time and on holiday, I like discovering ...
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Walt Cherneski

Account Manager Ontario, Canada My name is Walt Cherneski, I was born on a small family farm in Leamington Ontario Canada. Farming has always been in my bloodline for many years. So, I was always looking for ways to get more growth out of plants without extra cost. Well by joining ...
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