Supramino’s from HSI for a vital and optimal producing crop

After 12 months of development and trials Hortus Supplies International has been able to produce two new organic stimulants: Supramino® and Supramino Terra®. Both products increase the amount of chlorophyll and photosynthetic activity, provide a better efficiency of crop protection treatments ánd will increase yield and quality. The most important feature is that the products makes your crop more resistant against plant stress, which will help you to produce more and better quality year round!

Before application:

Result after one week of Supramino:

Trial at Stokman Rozen Kenya Ltd. with Supramino on young plants. Dosage of 250ml/100ltr water.

Amino Acids
Both products are based on enzymatically hydrolyzed Amino Acids and can be applied by dripping and spraying. Enzymatic hydrolysis makes the Amino acids more valuable and useable for the crop. Supramino® has the highest percentage of Amino Acids of the two. Add the product to your regular spray mix and it will actually improve the effect of your crop protection treatment. Supramino Terra® is a special blend of Amino, Humic and Fulvic Acids and is especially invented for a healthy soil or substrate. Supramino Terra® increases the development of fine roots and the uptake capacity of nutrients.

Supramino tests

Supramino® and Supramino Terra® have come out very successful from their long-term tests in the field. At several locations both products were responsible for 5% to 10% more stems and a visual better quality end-product comparing to sections where these products weren’t used! In our opinion this can be seen as a great success and we’re very proud that we managed to develop these organic products. Two, of the many test locations, were Penta Flowers and Stokman Rozen Kenya.

The beautiful Athena rose at Penta Flowers Kenya treated with Supramino®

More information regarding both products can be found HERE!

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