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Nano trace elements

With the products from B+H Solutions we can offer a unique system that nourishes and stimulates the plant, promoting maximum growth and less biotic stress. All four nano trace elements work perfectly together. There is a synergistic effect between all of them, making the mixture of colloidal metals the best option for flowers and ornamentals. Our team will be pleased to advise and assist you with specific protocols.

Benefits of the program

  • Up to 30% more yield
  • Longer vase life for cut flowers
  • Dark green shiny leaves
  • Fast harvest
  • Less waste
  • Stimulation of roots and shoots
  • Bigger buds
  • Stronger and longer stems
  • Fungicide reduction
  • Lower cost


On the right you can see a trial with the nano trace elements of B+H Solutions. For the left ones no nano trace elements were used and for the right ones they followed the B+H Solutions program. Already in this early stage of rooting you can see the right ones are doing better.

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