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    HPS lighting

    HPS-lights have been a familiar sight in the horticultural sector and have proven themselves for decades. A feature of high-pressure sodium lights is the output of heat surrounding the light. This can be used as an advantage. HPS lights are available in 600W, 750W and 1000W.

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    Hybrid lighting consists of both HPS and LED fixtures. For some growers, the transition from full HPS to LED is a step too far, but they still want more light or reduced energy bills. Replacing a part of the HPS lights by LED offers a solution. And you retain the advantages of both lighting sources.

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    LED applications have been introduced into the horticultural sector in the past years and developments have proceeded very fast. Lighting crops with LED requires a different way of cultivation in comparison with conventional grow lights. A great advantage of LED is the high efficiency whereby a lot more energy is converted into light. HSI can offer water cooled LED fixtures as well as passively cooled LED fixtures.

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    Lighting is a large investment and energy user, so it would be a shame if the lighting failed to function properly after a while. The lighting output decreases, power consumption can increase and reflectors and lights get dirty. A familiar rule of thumb is 1% less lighting equals1% less yield. This costs money at the end of the day. HSI can assess your installation and measure components to see whether it is profitable to replace them or not. We can give you an appropriate advice. We offer a wide range of lights, reflectors, drivers for HPS fixtures.

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    Steering light

    By using steering light we can influence the processes in the plant differently than photosynthesis. This covers aspects such as the plant form, increasing or decreasing the flowering phase, etc. With the application of this low intensity lighting, we can extend the days and shorten the nights to steer the plants. It is important to choose the right light spectrum. Also, to replace existing filament lamps and energy-saving lamps.

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