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    Flusolforte is very suitable for removing soot, dust, and rust. Flusolforte a fluoride-based greenhouse cleaning agent. It can be used for very thorough cleaning for severely contaminated surfaces, for example. Flusolforte can be used on both glass and foil. This agent may affect glass coating. Please consult the instructions before use.

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    Want to start disinfecting? We recommend to use Huwa-San. This hydrogen-peroxide-based product is effective against (myco)bacteria, moulds, yeasts, spores, and viruses. Huwa-San contains silver; a stabilising agent used to improve the stability of the hydrogen-peroxide solution.

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    Organic Clean XL

    Organic Clean XL makes cleaning severely contaminated surfaces easy. This biodegradable cleaning agent is not harmful to any crops still in the greenhouse. Organic Clean XL is very effective, cleans thoroughly, and uses natural plant extracts and plant-based soap. In addition to cleaning surfaces, this product reduces mould effects, fungi, and bacteria, and prevents accumulation of organic waste. It uses no additives that may be toxic to plants, animals, or people.

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    Oxyl-PRO S

    Oxyl-PRO S lets you disinfect water in a professional manner. This product is a biocide that uses 50% hydrogen-peroxide as its active ingredient.

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    Virkon S

    A disease outbreak can start with a single animal, plant, or fish and spread across an entire farm, greenhouse, or aquaculture system. Virkon S is a disinfectant used globally in livestock farming, and is also recommended by the industry and governments for the prevention and control of animal disease.

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    Freebac-Clearoxyl® is a mild disinfectant with a long-term effect. This environmentally friendly, active oxygen-based product is only activated when it comes into contact with microorganisms or other organic contaminants. This makes Freebac-Clearoxyl® a very effective and smart disinfectant. It has an active duration of up to 110 hours, and a minimum dosing requirement.

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