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Oxyl-PRO S

Oxyl-PRO S lets you disinfect water in a professional manner. This product is a biocide that uses 50% hydrogen-peroxide as its active ingredient.

All stabilizers are food and/or pharma grade. Oxyl-PRO®S is stabilized by very small silver particles that are bonded to the hydrogen peroxide particle by means of a coating. This way of stabilizing is also called silver-stabilized hydrogen peroxide. A reaction between the silver (Ag+) and hydrogen peroxide (H-O-O-H) does not take place, both particles retain their own physical and chemical properties. The coated silver provides an optimal environment for the hydrogen peroxide so that it is less corrosive to metals and therefore more effective against micro-organisms.

Due to the coating, Oxyl-PRO S reacts very weakly in ‘clean’ water that is used in (greenhouse) horticulture, but very actively as soon as it comes into contact with micro-organisms and organic pollution. Oxyl-PRO S decomposes into free radicals such as the radical hydroxyl ‘OH·’ as soon as it comes into contact with micro-organisms. The active radical oxidizes (burns) the micro-organisms with the result that they die. Once the radical has worked out, it reacts with hydrogen and/or elemental oxygen to form water (H2O) and oxygen (O2).

Water disinfection with Oxyl-pro S

Oxyl-PRO S is suitable for disinfecting standing surface, rain, or ground water – such as that found in a tank or silo. Using Oxyl-PRO®S creates clean water, free from bacteria or years (or any unwanted microorganisms). A clean water installation begins with clean water.

Disinfection water installations

Unwanted microorganisms often adhere to water installation surfaces. They produce a slime coating that contaminates the water and can block pipes. Oxyl-PRO®S ensures that microorganisms do not stand a chance.

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