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Hortus NutriBloom Boost Program

trends — Stress is the ultimate challenge to face in the cultivation. To bring and keep the crop in top condition, we recommend our new NutriBloom Boost Program
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Hortus Supplies International is introducing FCM Phero Lure Paste 4%

Uncategorized — At Hortus Supplies International, we are committed to supporting rose growers in their fight against False Codling Moth. Our FCM Phero Lure Paste 4% offers an innovative, sustainable, and effective solution.
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What is the best iron chelate for your crop

Uncategorized — We explain how to determine which is the best iron chelate for your plants and give several tips you can apply right away.
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Hortus Supplies represents BCC Fibrecell Propagation Systems

Uncategorized — Not only do we sell the propagation paper rolls, we also sell all the machines for a complete solution of a standardized paper based growing system.
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An update after day two from the IFTF fair in Vijfhuizen

Trade fair — The IFTF is one of the leading floriculture fairs with visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. Visit us today for the last day!
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Hortus is exhibiting in Vijfhuizen for the IFTF fair for the 12th time in a row

Trade fair — Hortus is exhibiting in Vijfhuizen at the IFTF fair for the 12th time in a row. Visit our stand on 9, 10 or 11 of november 2022.
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Africa spray lance for growing roses is back in stock!

trends — The spray lance for protecting roses against diseases, pests & fungi. With the lance you apply protective agents to roses in an effective way
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Truss supports provide extra support for tomato plants

trends — The truss support is an excellent addition to the tomato clip when it comes to supporting young tomato plants in tomato crops.
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Tomato clips for tomato cultivation

trends — tomato clips support young, growing tomato plants and are particularly suitable for tomato cultivation in greenhouse horticulture.
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Tomato clips boost growth of young tomato plants

trends — Tomato clips boost generative growth of young tomato plants. Tomato clips are available in various diameters, colours and tolerances.
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