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    Rol tafels/containers

    Roll tables and roll containers can be moved to any desired space in the greenhouse or nursery. Furthermore, the systems ensure optimal use of the space. All configurations are possible with this system. Full automatic systems, systems for manual operation and semi-automatic use. The water is supplied from the bottom by means of an ebb and flow system in the tables.

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    Smart fixed table

    This is essentially a fixed table, although the smart design ensures that the bench can easily be positioned from left to right without jeopardising the stability. This is the better choice to manage logistics within the greenhouse or facility because it offers better-organised workplaces (effective workspace between the tables) such as potting on, dividing, harvesting, packaging, and always leads to more efficient working conditions.

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    Fixed tables

    Fixed tables are often used as display or for the production of plants and flowers. They offer an ideal working height to work with the highest effectiveness and production. There are different forms. The classic rectangular bench, triangular, square and hexagon benches.

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