Hortus is a one-stop-shop where, as a grower, you can find everything you need to grow your flower, plant or fruit. The strength of Hortus is that we think along with you and come up with products and ideas. We sell products and deliver growth!

Our Fertilizer Assortment

Our product range of fertilizers are divided into 3 main categories: Natural Fertilizers, Water Soluble Fertilizers & Coated Fertilizers. Our diverse fertilizer assortment consists of: Siligoof Leaf, Magnesium Nitrate, EPSOM salt, Ammonium free calcium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, MKP (Monopotassium Phosphate), Kalisalpeter potassium nitrate & Coated fertilizers

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Fertilizers are fundamental to crops in order to produce enough harvest for the rising global demand. Fertilizers provide crops with vital nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen, which help support the crops grow bigger, faster, and ultimately harvest more production.

Benefits of using Fertilizers

  • Increases crop yield and improves land quality
  • Provides multiple crop yields a year
  • Supply of plants with everything they need
  • Improves soil texture and introduces essential bacteria
  • More stable and predictable yields
  • Plants better protect against pests
  • Efficient usage of farming space
  • Less waste

Our Chelates Assortment

Our product range of chelated fertilizers includes Iron chelate, Manganese chelate, Zinc chelate and Copper chelate elements. Depending on the chelate Stable pH percentage, we can offer the most common chelates used in agriculture – EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA and HEEDTA.

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