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Organic Clean XL

Organic Clean

The elimination of bacteria and fungi that are still present is essential in your cleaning protocol! Description Organic Clean XL, fully biodegradable cleaning agent, is ideal for cleaning heavily polluted surfaces. It is very powerful and based on natural plant extracts and plant-based soap. Organic Clean XL has a reducing effect on yeasts, fungi and bacteria. It also prevents depositing of organic dirt. This product does not cause toxic side effects on plants, animals or humans. Therefore, it can be used as the crops are still present in the greenhouse.


Glass greenhouse walls/greenhouse roofs outside and inside Use a high-pressure cleaner and dilute Organic Clean XL direct Dilution: 1 litre OC per 200-litre water; approx 20 litre OC per hectare. * does not remove screen products Screen cloth For the cleaning and prevention of depositing of algae Dilution: 1 litre OC per 200-litre water; approx. 20 litre OC per Hectare *Important: apply with care, high-pressure pistols can damage your screen cloth. Dosing – Dosing normal pollution: 0.5% – Dosing strong pollution: 1.0%


  1. Environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable.
  2. Can be used as crops are present in the greenhouse.
  3. Powerful cleaning effect without the toxic side effects.
  4. Prevents depositing of organic dirt and has a reducing effect on yeasts, fungi and bacteria.
  5. Does not have to be rinsed off.
  6. Non-corrosive, is not harmful to equipment and systems.
  7. Highly concentrated, dosing only 0.5% – 1%

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