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Rodimus is a natural product which increase the resistance of the crop. It works systematically. First of all, threads and dirt are washed off the leafs. After washing Rodimus applies a film on the leafs. This film makes sure no thread can get grip on your crop. Rodimus also provides extra needed vitamins to crops. The washing of the leafs will lead to an uptake of light, which will lead to a stronger and healthy crop.

This product is used to wash fungi from leaves, to feed the plant with vitamins and natural nutrients (through the leaf) and Rodimus puts a thin protective layer on the leaves to make it more difficult for fungi to stick to leaves. Thus, this product can be used to control or to prevent fungi.

Application Rodimus

250 ml / 100 ltr of water (depends on the health of your crop)

Guaranteed content

Potassium (K2O) 9.5%
Ascophyllum nodosum 13.9%
Boron (B) 9.0 mg/kg
Iron (Fe) 330 mg/kg
Manganese (Mn) 9.2 mg/kg

Packaging units

10 litre can
20 litre can
200 litre barrel
1000 litre barrel

Please note: We are unfortunately not allowed to deliver this product in EU countries (except for the Netherlands).

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