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Redusol reflects the energy of the sun to a high degree. This product is therefore ideally used for stopping an abundance of heat and light from entering. Both crops that require a lot of light and like the shade can benefit from this shading agent, this depends on the climate.

Features Redusol

  • This product is wear-resistant and is also resistant to frost
  • It has a higher light transmittance in rain
  • Suitable for both plastic and glass greenhouses
  • This shading agent can be easily removed with Reduclean

Extra information

Pallet size: 100x120x110
Packaging: Bucket of 20 kg
Quantity per pallet: 33 pieces

The best result is achieved when the coating is applied to a clean and dry greenhouse cover. Redusol must first be diluted with water before use, the amount of water relative to the product depends on the climate, the type of crop and the method of application. We will be happy to advise you. It is important not to apply this shading agent if rain is expected within 6 hours, as the product will not be able to dry sufficiently.

It is important to stir the spray liquid regularly during use. For the most even result, we recommend applying this product with a sprayer.

Redusol can also be easily removed with Reduclean. It is important to do this when significant rainfall is expected within a week, the rain will eventually wash away the Redusol layer.

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