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3-nozzle Africa spray lance

The Africa spray lance is back in stock. This spray lance makes it possible to apply protective agents to roses in a simple and effective way. Its effectiveness lies primarily in the minimal spillage of the protective agent that is applied. The Africa spray lance comes equipped with 3 standard nozzles and can be assembled with Teejet nozzles to adjust the type of spray distribution.

Specifications 3-nozzle Africa spray lance

  • Total length of the Africa spray lance: 75 cm
  • Suitable for use in rose cultivation, among other things
  • This spray lance has a ceramic core, which makes it exceptionally durable.
  • The Teejet nozzle is a hollow cone nozzle and has a ceramic core, this ensures that it is very resistant to wear and tear.
  • The nozzles are available in a variety of colours and sizes – each colour has a different level of distribution.

Spray table

Have a look at the spray table below to accurately calculate how much spraying fluid you need to apply when using the 3-nozzle Africa spray lance in combination with the different types of nozzles. To give an example: if you use the yellow nozzle, you will spray 1.02 litres per nozzle with a pressure level of 5 bar. Therefore, you can spray 3.06 litres per minute with the 3-D head Africa spray lance. The blue nozzle has a capacity of 1.52 litres when used at a pressure level of 5 bar. That works out at 4.56 litres per minute. This way, you can determine the exact level of distribution you want.

The Africa spray lance is now in stock! We are able to supply quantities from just one or a few pieces to large quantities. Moreover, it is possible to order the 3-nozzle sprays and the Teejet nozzles separately.

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