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Sticky rolls

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With yellow rolls you mainly attract whitefliesb but next to this they also work well against aphids, leaf miners, thrips, sciarids and sciaras. The sticky rolls we supply have a unique and powerful adhesive glue on both sides which aims to always catch as many insects as possible! The glue is still sticky after irrigation and/or fogging. We can supply the sticky rolls in different sizes and a variety of colours. Every colour has a different purpose, it is our pleasure to advise you which colour is most suitable for use in for your greenhouse.

Available sizes

We can supply three different standard sizes:

  • 100 m x 5 cm
  • 100 m x 15 cm
  • 100 m x 30 cm

Next to this we can also supply custom made sticky rolls (with a minimum order) starting from 80 metres up to 130 metres.


  • The rolls last an entire growing season without reducing their effectiveness
  • The rolls are UV resistant
  • Intensive and attractive colours to optimise their effectiveness
  • The rolls are resistant to water

Instructions for use

Putting up the sticky rolls can be a challenge. For optimal unrolling and attaching, you can use a reel for unrolling and brackets for hanging. Next to a reel you can also use a role holder or a clamp. This products help you to place the trap on the right height. Role holders and clamps can be re-used.  Our sticky rolls are height adjustable and have a special spring construction, which makes it easy for the sticky roll to slide inside.

We advise to store the rolls in a cool and dry place (preferably between 10 and 15 degrees Celcius).


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