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Black polyolefin

We can help you when choosing the correct silo lining, regardless of the composition of the water or the UV index in the country where the storage will be placed, our specialists can help you find the correct silo lining for your situation. If possible, inlets and outlets can be fitted in advance into the lining so that these don’t have to be fitted on-site and the risk of leakage is therefore no longer an issue. Options such as coating and anti-algae sheets, but also the traditional silo coating are a few of the standard options.

A very high-quality, polypropylene film, suitable for storage of rain or clean water and recirculation water. In particular suitable for applications in which high requirements are made to temperature, UV resistance and high chemical resistance.

Additional information – technical / variants:

Colour: Black Material: PO Weight [gr/m2]: 485 Thickness [mm]: 0.6-1.0 Chlorine resistance: 0.0 ppm

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