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This product can be used for: correcting calcium deficiencies, boosting growth, more flowering, better fruit set and more yield Request a quote or more information


AgroCalcium® is a calcium EC fertilizer solution with the optimized concetration of all its ingredients. It contains 20% calcium, 1,5% magnesium and 1,5% silicon, made from microfine ground rock flour that thanks to the reduced size of its component, is more bioavailable for the plants.

The advantages of AgroCalcium® are:

  • It provides the plant with the precise amount of calcium, which is an important trace element necessary for the correct development of the plant.
  • Helps the plant to recover from calcium chlorosis, giving the plant a healthy green foliage. Use it from the very beginning to avoid calcium deficiencies.
  • The technology used in its development allows the use of much less amount of material, a good way to save money and the environment.
  • In combination with other products of our catalog and thanks to their synergism, with our trace-elements cocktail, the use of phytosanitary products can be reduced. Production with less residues.

AgroCalcium® was developed for the use in all kind of crops. It can be applied by foliar spray, via irrigation system or a combination.

General dosage is 1 litre per hectare per treatment.

Packaging: 5 litre

Use for: correct calcium deficiencies, boosting growth, more flowering, better fruit set and more yield

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