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Zn-EDTA is a fertiliser with 15% zinc (Zn), which is bound to an EDTA chelate. It is our pleasure to provide you with more information.

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Zinc fertilizer Zn EDTA 15%

General product description

Zn EDTA is a 15% zinc (Zn) fertilizer, the element zinc is bound to an EDTA chelate. This makes it better to absorb for the plant. Zinc is important for the production of auxin hormones and it is a building block for enzymes.

Chelated trace elements are more effective because the chelating molecules protect trace elements against insolubility and are also recognised by plant enzymes (that collect micronutrients and transport to tissues). There is a different chelating factor in pH target stability and light sensitivity. Trace element Chelate former pH target Stability:

Type of chelate Stable at pH
Fe EDTA 1 – 6.5
Fe DTPA 1 – 7.5
Fe EDDHA 4 – 10

Use of Zn EDTA 15%

You can use this product to prevent a shortage of zinc. Please be aware not to get an excess of zinc in your crops.

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