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By compressed transport of coconut products, the environmental impact of transport is limited

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Coco discs

Coco discs are pressed discs of specially selected coco. They are suitable among other things for the cultivation of gerberas, but other ornamental plants and potted plants can also be grown in coco discs. Coco discs consist of coarse coco material; this is made of the husk of the coconut. By cutting up the husks, an airy, easily steerable and powerful growing medium is created with good draining properties. The discs are compressed for transport and swell to their original size by adding water.

We can also supply coco blocks, click here to view this product.

Specifications coco disks

Great air/water properties and great draining properties

± Ø 11.5 cm for pot size 19 cm small ± 3.0 l
± Ø 13.0 cm for pot size 19 cm standard± 3.3 l
± Ø 14.0 cm for pot size 21 cm compact ± 4.5 l


Suitable for various crops, especially gerbera cultivation

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