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The artificial substrate for crops

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There are many varieties of substrates, not every potting soil mixture is suitable for every crop. For that reason, when putting together a potting soil mixture, we look at the requirements of you as a customer and at the potting soil requirements of your crop.

We can supply, for example, peat moss, coco peat, rockwool, substrate troughs.

Peat moss

Spagnum peat moss is well known worldwide because of its biological, physical and chemical parameers. It is an excellent horticultural material that is widely used in greenhouses (for flowers, vegetables and shrubs growing), open-air plant productions, forestry, mushroom industry, landscaping and custom growing media (substrates) manufacturing. Hortus offers all types of Spagnum peat moss directly from the source to professional growers.

Coco peat: discs and blocks

We have managed to select a high quality of coco peat. Our coco discs are pressed by dry discs which consists of specially selected and processed coir. No more unwanted debris in your coco peat and reliable specifications to ensure your crop has the best basis to grow in. Available in desired specifications. Click here to read more about this product.


The lightweight hydroponic substrate is available in cubes or blocks. The rockwool blocks ensure a fast, effective distribution of water and nutrients throughout the blocks. This enables maximum utilisation of the substratevolume. Which will lead to a fas, healthy development of the rooting system and young plants. Click here to read more about this product.

Substrate throughs

Substrate throughs are used for cultivation of vegetables, fruit and flowers. Our plastic substrate throughs are of high-end quality and are steamable, allowing them to be used for years.

Application substrates

There are substrates for propagation, potted plants, bio, orchids and bedding plants.

Packaging units substrates

All substrate we supply is available in different volumes: big bales, big bags and in bags of different sizes from 20 litres and up. We would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made offer.

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