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HSI can offer both water-cooled and passively cooled LED luminaires. Request a quote or more information


Product informationAt HSI, we have the knowledge and experience to advise you when choosing and installing assimilation lighting. HPS, LED or a hybrid solution.? Steering light? All growers have their own needs and wishes, every situation is unique. Because of the many suppliers, products and their development in the market, it is difficult to keep a good overview and make an informed decision.

HSI is independent and – based on your specific requirements, wishes and unique situation – we give you a complete lighting advice with a tailor-made lighting plan including the most suitable lighting fixtures for you.

LED applications have been introduced into the horticultural sector in the past years and developments have proceeded very fast. Lighting crops with LED requires a different way of cultivation in comparison with conventional grow lights. A great advantage of LED is the high efficiency whereby a lot more energy is converted into light. HSI can offer water cooled LED fixtures as well as passively cooled LED fixtures.

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