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    D5000 drip line PC/AS

    The Rivulis D5000 PC drip line represents the most significant advancement of Pressure Compensating (PC) drip technology in the past decade. Even on hilly terrain or long run lengths Rivulis D5000 PC provides outstanding unformity, with one of the widest flow regulating ranges available. This way your crops at the end of rows receive the same amount of water as those at the start, this creates more consistent yields.

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    T-Tape drip tape

    Discover the difference closer emitter spacing can make for your crop. From greater system efficiency, to more uniform yields, close emitter spacing can
    help you boost your farm profits. Fortunately with Rivulis T-Tape there is no additional cost for closer emitter spacing, allowing you to experience the
    benefits without the extra cost.

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    Hydro drip line PC/PCND

    Hydro drip line is also known as a tough cylindrical dripper, it has 2 water outlets in every dripper. The Rivulis Hydro PC range cylindrical drippers are large, tough and can tolerate harsh environments.

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    Eolos compact drip line

    The Eolos compact drip line has a unique and small emitter design for high uniformity over long distances and it has a larger labyrinth in every emitter. Friction will be minimized and it prevents clogging, this allows you to achieve longer distances per row while you maintain high uniformity.

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    Eolos classic drip line

    The additional filtration area provides outstanding protection against clogging.

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