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Tough cylindrical dripper with 2 water outlets in every dripper.

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Hydro drip line PC/PCND

Hydro drip line is also known as a tough cylindrical dripper, it has 2 water outlets in every dripper. The Rivulis Hydro PC range cylindrical drippers are large, tough and can tolerate harsh environments.

Pressure compensated or pressure compensated with no drain: what to use?

Pressure Compensated (PC)

What Does It Do: Within a relatively large pressure range, PC ensures the same flow per dripper regardless of what the pressure is at that point of the tube. So the dripper at lower elevation will emit the same amount of water as the dripperat the highest point.

Where To Use: Undulating ground and long run lengths.

Pressure Compensating & No Drain (PCND)

Also Known As: CNL

What Does It Do: In addition to pressure compensating, the dripper seals when pressure falls below 1 m pressure (1.2 m pressure in 12 mm Hydro PCND) to stop water draining out of the tube at shut-off.

Where To Use: Pulse irrigation, subsurface and highly
undulating ground. Also ideal for greenhouse applications.

Advantages of Hydro drip line

  • Large surface area of the cylindrical emitter allows a larger turbulent flow path, providing greater protection against plugging
  • Highly responsive floating diaphragm regulates and maintains a constant flow rate at variable inlet pressures
  • The no-drain feature prevents water from emitting when pressure drops below 1.45 psi, protecting drip line from soil ingestion and allowing pulse irrigation
  • Dual outlets maintain proper flow rate even if one outlet becomes clogged, giving you peace of mind
  • Self-cleaning mechanism continuously flushes the diaphragm to remove stuck particles and reduce plugging
  • Constructed with premium resins resistant to UV and damage caused from commonly used chemicals and fertilizers
  • Available in white tubing: absorbs less radiation, lowers water temperature inside the hose, and is ideal for greenhouses where it provides additional reflective surfaces


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