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T-Tape drip tape

Discover the difference closer emitter spacing can make for your crop. From greater system efficiency, to more uniform yields, close emitter spacing can help you boost your farm profits. Fortunately with T-Tape drip tape there is no additional cost for closer emitter spacing, allowing you to experience the benefits without the extra cost.

Most water will still contain foreign and organic particles even after it has been filtered. Therefore the design of the emitter is critical to help prevent clogging by stopping contaminants from entering the emitter.

A unique feature of Rivulis T-Tape is the high number of inlet filters each emitter contains. Every Rivulis T-Tape emitter contains 13 to 211 inlet filters (depending on configuration).
Rivulis T-Tape requires just 5 inlet filters open to function correctly. Not only does this provide outstanding protection in every emitter, it also helps Rivulis T-Tape perform in conditions where other drip lines may fail.

Due to Rivulis T-Tape’s unique design, the tape is folded and welded over itself, in turn creating a strong seam along the entire length of the tape. Double thickness along the seam helps make Rivulis T-Tape stronger and therefore easier to retrieve in the field. In addition, the seam provides an extra layer of protection to the emitter. Rivulis T-Tape is designed to snap instead of
stretch, with the seam design helping protect the built-in emitter from damage, both during installation and retrieval.

Highlights T-Tape drip tape

  • Close dripper spacing
  • Extra long filtration area
  • Double Seam = Double the strength
  • Many configurations available

Advantages T-Tape

  • There is no additional cost for closer emitter spacing, allowing you to experience the benefits without the extra cost
  • Greater burst strength protects the tape against pressure spikes and allows the tape to be flushed at higher pressures, increasing effectiveness
  • High number of inlet filters provides outstanding clogging resistance
  • Double thickness along the seam helps make T-Tape stronger and easier to retrieve in the field
  • T-Tapes model provides outstanding tensile strength for situations where retrieval may be a challenge
  • Extensive internal testing and quality control ensure that every roll meets the needs of the grower
  • Over 250 configurations available to meet the needs of virtually every drip tape application

Common Filtration Requirements For Most Applications

> 0.5 l/h per emitter: 130 micron / 120 mesh
≤ 0.5 l/h per emitter: 100 micron / 150 mesh

Filtration requirement is dependent on a number of factors including water source and application. Please consult with one of our irrigation specialists for filtration requirements for your specific application.

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