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    S2000 PC Micro Sprinkler

    This S2000 PC micro sprinkler is ideal for a wide range of applications. This includes irrigation of orchards and vegetables, and frost protection for orchards. This S2000 sprinkler line is built to last and incorporates a strong bridge, a wear resistant nozzle bearing design and a built-in anti-insect device. This sprinkler delivers a uniform spray pattern at a low angle. This minimizes damage to fruits hanging low.

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    Rondo/RFR Micro Sprinkler

    Trusted micro sprinkler suited for a wide range of applications including the classic Rondo for vegetable and orchard irrigation, RFR for pressure compensation on sloping ground, and the inverted Rondo for greenhouses and nurseries. Also suitable for frost protection.

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    Super XL Sprinkler

    The super XL sprinkler is a great solution for nursery irrigation, frost protection, vegetables or any application where you need a larger diameter spray with excellent uniformity, even in windy conditions. This is a continuous stream, slow rotating rotorsprinkler.

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    S5000 & S6000 Sprinkler

    There are many plastic impact sprinklers on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Experience the quality and multi-season reliability of the S5000 & S6000 range of plastic impact sprinklers with 1/2″ (standard) and 3/4″ (high-flow) inlet options. Perfect for vegetables. Partial circle S5000 also available.

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    FLF Foggers

    These foggers are created to manage the humidity and temperature in the environment of your greenhouse.

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