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Rondo/RFR Micro Sprinkler

This trusted micro sprinkler is suitable for a wide range of applications including the classic Rondo for vegetable and orchard irrigation, RFR for pressure compensation on sloping ground, and the inverted Rondo for greenhouses and nurseries. Also suitable for frost protection.

In addition to numerous flow-rate and inlet options, plus the option for pressure compensation, Rondo & RFR provide an extensive range of spinners and other accessories. Whatever your application, there is a Rondo / RFR Micro Sprinkler for you.

  • Rivulis Rondo: Ideal for vegetable & orchards
  • Rivulis RFR: Pressure Compensated. Ideal for vegetable & orchards on sloping ground
  • Rivulis Inverted Rondo: Ideal for Greenhouses
  • Also suitable for frost protection

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