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S2000 PC Micro Sprinkler

This S2000 PC micro sprinkler is ideal for a wide range of applications. This includes irrigation of orchards and vegetables, and frost protection for orchards. This S2000 sprinkler line is built to last and incorporates a strong bridge, a wear resistant nozzle bearing design and a built-in anti-insect device. This sprinkler delivers a uniform spray pattern at a low angle. This minimizes damage to fruits hanging low.

This sprinkler can be opened by one click, just that simple. Putting it back together is also just one click.

From the moment you hold an Rivulis S2000 micro sprinkler, you will feel the strength of the construction. You know this is a sprinkler that will perform in tough conditions.

Advantages of S2000 PC micro sprinkler

  • Easy to maintain
  • Low trajectory to protect fruit from water damage
  • Built-in anti-insect protection
  • Pressure compensated (PC) sprinkler available for uniform flow rates
  • Solid structure
  • High wear resistance

Installation options

You can install the sprinklers on the ground with a plastic stake or hung from a wire using the built in hook.

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