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    H5000 Layflats

    The H5000 layflat series can be used for standard pressure applications. The layflats are made using high grade PVC and with advanced production methods so they can be used multiple seasons. We also have layflats for high pressure applications available.

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    H6000 PE Layflat

    Featuring the newest layflat technology with pre-installed outlets for durability and easy installation in field.

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    Max Flat Layflat

    This layflat is constructed of polyethylene, this means it does not break down from chemicals used in the water supply.

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    Pro-Flat Layflat

    When extra performance is required we recommend this specific pro-flat layflat. In the layflat wall you can find embedded webbing which reduces twisting and elongation to ensure that your fittings align with your drip lines, drip tapes and beds.

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