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    Rivulis E1000

    This product is an online dripper with a body which can be easily removed for cleaning. You can use this product in-field or connect it to tubing and pegs for a soilless application. We highly recommend this product for organic applications where dripper clogging can be a big challenge.

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    Rivulis Katif PC

    Thanks to some great engineering, this PC dripper is one of the smallest in the world. Rivulis Katif PC has a compact profile to help protect from damage. This pressure compensated online dripper is suitable for in-field applications.

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    Supertif PC/PCND

    Supertif PC/PCND is the preferred online dripper in the fast growing soilless segment in the irrigation market. This online dripper can also be used in fields with sloping terrain, low row lengths and as a master dripper for pot plants in tunnels, greenhouses and loop systems in orchards. Supertif PC/PCND is ideal for precision in soiless or hydroponic applications where highly tuned sealing and opening pressures are required.

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    Corona PC/PCND

    We can offer both PC and PCND models. Corona PC: pressure compensating for accurate flow over a wide range of pressures. Corona PCND: Pressure compensating and no-drain function for pulse irrigation applications. They are both suitable for greenhouses and nurseries, PCND models are also suitable for pulse irrigation applications.

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    Dripper accessories

    We offer a wide range of dripper accessories. For example pegs, tubing tools, adaptors for greenhouse and soilless applications.

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