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Hortus NutriBloom Program

Enhance Growth and Vitality  with
Hortus NutriBloom Program : Optimized Plant Vitality Blend

In the world of crops, stress is the ultimate challenge to face in the cultivation.  Stress triggers the plant’s survival mode, setting off a cascade of biological reactions. The crop mainly breaks down the accumulated proteins in the leaf and this results in priority to release nitrogen to the roots in the form of nitrates and release nitrogen gas such as ammonia into the air.  This atmospheric ammonia becomes a magnet for pests, swarming into your greenhouse from every corner. Leading to various problems in your cultivation.

How to apply the NutriBloom Program?

To bring and keep the crop in top condition, we recommend spraying weekly with our new NutriBloom Program that combines 3 separate products to turn the tables on stress!
Introducing our power-packed trio: Flower Sea Boost, Supramino, and Strength. A weekly spray treatment that leaves your plants refreshed, revitalized, and ready to fight any challenge.

Which products are in the program?

🌼 Flower Sea Boost: Elevate your crop with this premium blend featuring 35% Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract. It contains 4.5% (w/w) trace elements in optimal proportions, with more than 1% K2O (w/w). The nutrients are dissolved in seaweed extract, known for its anti-stress and growth-stimulating properties. Additionally, the seaweed extract optimally chelates the trace elements.

🌱 Supramino: Contains enzymatically hydrolyzed amino acids that are directly absorbed by the plant. Supramino gives your crop energy that does not require photosynthesis, the amino acids and vitamins completely replenish the broken down proteins. This results in improved plant and produce color, larger leaves, a  finer and more active root systems, more flowers, more and/ or larger fruit and a healthier crop.

💪 Strength: With a carefully chosen mix of Calcium, Magnesium, and Boron, your plant’s defense system gets an upgrade. Calcium and Boron work together so that the Calcium is more easily absorbed by the plant.  Magnesium binds nitrogen and thus prevents the proteins from being broken down during a possible stress moment. Applying Strength contributes to the thickening of cell walls, harder and stronger leaves, higher stress resistance and resistance to insects and fungi.

It’s all about the blend. By combining Flower Sea Boost, Supramino, and Strength, you get a very strong crop that can absorb valuable nutrients more efficiently, repels unnecessary insects and fungi, and can therefore perform as optimally as possible.

Dosage made Easy:

🌼 2 liters of Flower Sea Boost

🌱 1.5 liters of Supramino

💪 1.5 liters of Strength

Mix it all with 1000 liters of water per hectare. Make it a weekly application. Your crop deserves nothing less! When spraying 1500 or 2000 liters of liquid per hectare, adjust the dosage for the perfect ratio.

Supramino acts as a chelate, which ensures that chemistry works even more efficiently. So the products can be used in combination with chemistry. But the best part?  With a more resistant crop and less insects you will be using less chemistry over time.

Ready to witness your crop’s transformation? Start the use of Flower Sea Boost, Supramino, and Strength today. See the potential, ward off pests, and let your crop thrive, not just survive!