News!Hortus Supplies represents BCC Fibrecell Propagation Systems

Hortus Supplies represents BCC Fibrecell Propagation Systems

FibreCell Propagation paper

Last year Hortus Supplies International started sales of the FibreCell products. The FibreCell Propagation paper is already used by many of our customers worldwide. Some have been testing the paper with great satisfaction. The root plugs from the FibreCell paper give growers the opportunity to grow the ideal root plug with a large biomass. We supply multiple types that have different degradation times. Depending on your crop and situation we can advise you one of the different types. The new Biobased Medium paper is delivered in rolls of has 2500 meters instead of the standard 1400 mtr that is produced by any other manufacturer. This comes with great environmental savings and reduced transportation costs!


Not only do we sell the propagation paper rolls, we also sell all the machines that provide growers with the complete solution of a standardized paper based growing system.

Filling Machines for Propagation plugs

BCC´s FiberCell Filling machines are in the forefront of development. We know there is not a unilateral solution working for all clients around the world. We add our know-how and experience to make sure you get exactly the right set-up to optimize your business.

You can choose from different types:
–              Fully-Automatic Multi-Row Filling Machines
–              Fully-Automatic Filling Machines
–              Semi-Automatic FiberCell Filling Machines

There is a semi-automatic Filling machine on its way to Ethiopia. The first to be installed in the East African country at one of our customers. A 2-row machine, which produces up to 18.000 plugs/ hour will soon be installed at one of the leading plant propagators in Ethiopia, Floraveg Agribusiness Plc.

Check the film with details!

This full solution that we can provide, also includes a Tray Washer and Disinfection machine consist of two components:  a high-pressure unit for mechanical cleaning and a hot water washer section for thermal disinfection. This combination ensures effective removal of mineral particles, organic and inorganic components and biological contaminants from used trays.
Clean trays without any pollution of previous usage are essential for a healthy plant production and general hygiene of your plants and crops. A crucial defense mechanism against the introduction of diseases into a nursery is the thorough cleaning and sanitization of trays.

Nursery Production System

Besides the two mentioned machines, we now have a partner that has all the knowledge to advise you on the complete nursery production system.  BCC’s nursery production system is developed as an automatic filling and seeding line, which performs accurately rate year after year. The line is continuously evolving due to special requirements from customers and changing technical advancements, but the main features of the filling and seeding remain the same. Ask us for the possibilities,

BCC is our solid partner for paper based growing systems. They develop, produce, deliver, install and service customized complete solutions or standardized machines for growing all type of crops in the FiberCell system worldwide.
Hortus’ decision to sell BCC Fibrecell products is just one of many ways in which the company is working to meet the needs of their customers. With a strong focus on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Hortus is a trusted source for all horticultural products. To learn more about all our products and to place an order, visit

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