News!An update after day two from the IFTF fair in Vijfhuizen

An update after day two from the IFTF fair in Vijfhuizen

From 9 to November 11th 2022, Hortus is an exhibitor (for the 12th time!) at the International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF). The IFTF is one of the leading floriculture fairs with visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. Many breeders, growers, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers will visit to maintain existing relationships and develop new ones.  At the IFTF, Hortus will showcase 3 innovative products out of our complete product range for you to discover.

The doors opened at 10:00 on Wednesday and it was immediately crowded! Lots of visitors from all over the world. Especially many visitors from the Middle East. The atmosphere was lively. We made a lot of new contacts on the first day but also had the pleasure to welcome a lot of associates. We spoke to many growers as well as (wholesale) traders who showed interest in our products and services.

High quality scissors from Original LOWE

In addition to Hortus’ own team, Rainer Kibbel came over specially from Germany to answer questions about the high-quality Original LOWE scissors. Naturally, there are plenty of scissors, but scissors that last a lifetime are perfect for these times when saving resources is essential. We asked Rainer about his findings at the IFTF, Rainer said: “So much enthusiasm on the first day already, really great to have everyone come together and see so much interest in our products!

Mix your fertilizers with the NutriMixer pump

At this fair, we also introduced the NutriMixer in a live set-up. This pump is able to mix fertilizer easily in fertilizer stock tanks and is also cost-effective. One NutriMixer mixes 2 containers of 2200 liters each with air then fertilizer is drawn from the tanks and distributed evenly through irrigation systems, without sediment. The NutriMixer is easy to install and requires little maintenance. We already been able to make quite a few quotations and even been able to take a few orders. 

Paper based growing systems are an answer to biodegradable and durable reproduction. Our partner BCC is the ultimate and complete partner for paper based growing systems. They develop, produce, deliver, install and service customized solutions or standardized machines for growing all type of crops in the FiberCell system worldwide. We saw a lot of interest for these growing systems at the fair.

Better plants with the Nano Fertilizers

We also saw a lot of interest in our Nano Fertilizers. This is an innovative way to strengthen plants, making them less susceptible to diseases and pests, improving their structure. Also, they produce increased yields per square metre. Nano-fertilizers is a relatively new product, it is still in the test phase but with promising prospects. The results are positive in terms of higher yields and saving on nutrients. we had many conversations with growers about this product. Everyone is looking for opportunities to save on additional nutrients and chemicals and of course saving on costs.

Forecast day three IFTF

The second day started slowly, but in the afternoon it was super packed and buzzing. Friday is the last day and usually a busy one. We look forward to all the visitors and meeting new acquaintances. Even after day two we already are very positive, it is of course very nice that after the annoying Corona period we can finally see and talk to each other again in real life at this live fair.

Photo from left to right: Rainer Kibbel (Original LOWE), Anouk Heemskerk, Richard Heemskerk (Hortus)