News!Irrigation systems: from consultancy to global delivery

Irrigation systems: from consultancy to global delivery

What would be the best irrigation system for your farm? Irrigation specialist Jack van Winden goes into detail about Hortus Supplies International’s global delivery and approach. The HSI specialists offer recommendations, perform calculations and design systems, and even provide installation and training across the world. If this article still does not answer your irrigation-related questions, then Jack would be more than happy to fill you in.

Hortus Supplies International offers consultation and delivery to growers across the world. Our experts work on new installations with growers in Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. They are responsible for the entire process from design to implementation and commissioning. Our service does not stop at the greenhouse irrigation system; we offer a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • Water storage and delivery using silos, water basins, and well-drilling
  • Water decontamination and desalination
  • Pump and filtration installations
  • Mixing groups

Optimum irrigation system consultancy

Due to its many years of experiences and excellent service record, HSI’s approach is entirely its own, explains Jack van Winden:

“We are a business that offers our clients real partnership. It is not a matter of having your bed made for you; instead, we make the bed together. One reason for that is our frequent business in Africa. At some point, the grower will need to take control of their operation, and it helps to know the system inside and out. We train your people, explaining to them where the mains are, and why certain decisions have been made. And when we leave, you will have your own in-house expert to rely on.”

From irrigation mats to drip irrigation

HSI’s range of products is also tailored to this approach. We offer a complete product program that growers across the world can use to maximise their farm’s potential yield. This range means we can offer real and practical advice:

“I fully support the systems and products we sell. When I offer a grower consultation about the best water management solutions for their specific situation, I naturally do so with our own systems and products in mind. But that does not mean that there is no room for flexibility. For example, if a client is already using one brand of filtration installation, I would not simply plonk down a new, different one beside it. Now, we would redesign the system to ensure that the client needed to have as few spare parts in their inventory as possible, and that maintenance and upkeep were kept as easy as possible.”

Ebb-flow system example

Many growers know all about certain methods and crops, but do not always tend to stay up to date on the latest developments. Or they may be venturing out onto a new market. In those cases, it helps that we ask in-depth questions to find out what the grower really needs:

“Occasionally, a grower may tell us that they know exactly what they need, even though a better solution may be possible. For example, one client wanted to flood 6 centimetres of water in 5 minutes using their ebb-flow installation. He had worked out that, for his floor surface, this meant having to pump 360 cubic metres per hour. It was only when I asked him about the height of his pots that I was able to work out that 180 cubic metres would be sufficient. The grower was not aware that flooding at 1/3rd of a pot’s height is sufficient to flood it. Our recommendation saved money for both of us, and immediately let the grower know that we have their best interest at heart. We like to invest in our clients as well.”

Irrigation system logistics and installations

HSI’s product and systems program is wider in scope than those of other Dutch installation companies. Whereas Dutch installation companies tend to use the program that is common for the Netherlands, we look for the best possible solutions across the world. This means that are able to configure systems with more freedom, and can choose exactly the tubes, filters, irrigation hoses, fittings, and electric traps best suited to the project and the grower’s capacity for investment.

And, in some cases, the logistics may have far more effect on the investment than a component’s cost price. For some projects, we supply directly from a factory in Italy; in other cases, deliveries are made from Israel or the Netherlands. It simply depends on what is most suitable for the project.

“Our wide scope and the fact that we purchase directly from different manufacturers means that we can offer the best quality-to-price ratio for projects in Africa or South America, for example. And, naturally, all to the client’s benefit. We even outperform the manufacturers, because our range is broader and our service often superior.”

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