News!Water management and cultivation floors for Canadian growers

Water management and cultivation floors for Canadian growers

How important is a cultivation floor? A quality cultivation floor provides not only good drainage, but is also essential for optimised water usage and improved growth. The number one Canadian specialist in cultivation floors is George de Groot Laser Grading & Excavating. George is a partner of Hortus; together, we supply and install not only cultivation floors, but also provide complete water management solutions for growers in Canada.

George de Groot and his family moved to Canada 12 years ago. It was not entirely by accident that he ended up in a horticultural area with a great deal of interest in his area of expertise: levelling. The demand for cultivation floors evolved from this expertise. George has since become a familiar face for growers in both Ontario and Quebec, and has further expanded his range of services. These days, he also provides and installs full irrigation and water storage systems, and offers maintenance services for all systems he provides. The basis for his growth is in word-of-mouth:

“The quality of the connection between our company and the grower is key. Our high flexibility and local presence are making a big difference. Clients quickly come to recognise our reliability, and that kind of information gets around.”


The importance of a quality cultivation floor

George de Groot Laser Grading & Excavating specialises in levelling cultivation floors. His flexible machine pool lets him offer exceeding levels of precision for projects both big and small. A stable floor lets the grower safeguard construction and work environment safety but, for a cultivation floor, proper water drainage is also essential, as it ensures good drainage and helps reduce costs.

George has been working closely with Hortus in supplying cultivation floors:

“Hortus is always available – which, to me, is a real selling point. And by always, I mean outside of our local business hours, because we are dealing with a time difference. I can reach my contact quickly, day or night, for a quick answer to an important question. And this also applies to issues of logistics, shipping, and updates. It is a very smooth process!

Installation and maintenance of Canadian greenhouses

In Canada, as in other regions, successful horticulturists continue to grow in size. They are continuing to professionally and expand their – mainly ornamental horticultural – businesses. For George, this means he revisits familiar clients with increasing frequency:

“My business relationships have always revolved around service. I regularly drop by customers to discuss their successes and challenges. And this accumulated sense of credibility leads them to often look for my help in upcoming expansions beyond just the cultivation floor. For various projects, we have created full water management and storage solutions. To that end, I have worked closely with Hortus, who offer support from order to delivery, and even provide maintenance.”

Cultivation floors and water management for horticulture in Canada

Randor Cena, Area Manager for North, Central, and South America, explains:

“Hortus is a global supplier; our products and installations can be found in all major growing countries. But to a grower, thorough installation and maintenance is probably the key concern. That is why have such an appreciation for our collaboration with George: together, we can offer a full package, including local installation and maintenance. The two companies reinforce each other’s strengths: George know that all HSI knowledge is available for Canada; Hortus can offer full service for is Canadian clients.”

The George de Groot Laser Grading & Excavating website offers many pictures and testimonials of projects and satisfied customers. Want to know more about the services Hortus provides in Canada? Contact Randor Cena and he will happily tell you all about it.

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