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Collis® has been specially developed for foliar spraying in flower bulbs. This product binds to an enzyme in the fungus, which means that the Botrytis fungus is unable to make essential cell components, such as proteins and membranes.

It is well known that a flower bulb crop is susceptible to the Botrytis fungus (fire). In tulips, it is Botrytis tulipae, which affects the crop. This can be a leaf infestation, but an infection of the flower (smallpox) and of the stem (fire stems) are also possible. In gladiolus, Botrytis gladiolorum is the causative agent of fire. In daffodils, among other things, “English fire” affects the crop, caused by the fungus Botrytis polyblastis.

In addition to the common Botrytis fungi, there are also other fungi that affect the crop. They are less common or only in certain flower bulbs. Examples of this are: stagonospora in daffodils, alternaria in zantedeschias, mycosphaerella (leaf spot disease) in irises and curly disease in anemones.

Benefits of Collis®

  • Preventive very strong against Botrytis (fire)
  • Very gentle on the crop
  • Therefore very suitable to apply before flowering
  • Also strong on ground fire and fire stems
  • Combines well with pyrethroids such as Sumicidin Super


Formulation: Suspension concentrate
Active substances: 100 g/l Kresoxim-methyl, 200 g/l Boscalid

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