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    Organic Clean XL

    The elimination of bacteria and fungi that are still present is essential in your cleaning protocol! Description Organic Clean XL, fully biodegradable cleaning agent, is ideal for cleaning heavily polluted surfaces.

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    Huwa-San is a disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide.It is a one-stop biocide that is effective against bacteria, fungi, yeast, spores, viruses and even mycobacteria. The main difference between Huwa-San and normal hydrogen peroxide is the presence of a stabilising agent, silver.

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    Oxylpro S

    Oxyl-PRO®S is a biocidal product with hydrogen peroxide 50% as an active substance. All stabiliszers are food and/or pharma grade. Oxyl-PRO®S has been stabilised by very small silver deposits that are attached to the hydrogen peroxide particles (silver-stabilised hydrogen peroxide). The coated silver provides an optimal environment for the hydrogen peroxide so that it is less corrosive to metals and therefore has a higher efficiency against micro-organisms.

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    Freebac is an environmentally friendly disinfectant based on active oxygen that distinguishes itself by a mild and long-term effect. By adding a carrier and a number of stabilisers, Freebac-Clearoxyl® only comes in action when it comes into contact with micro-organisms or other organic soiling. Hydrogen peroxide has a powerful oxidative effect.

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    Flusol Forte is a greenhouse cleaning agent based on fluoride for the removal of products from seriously soiled surfaces such as soot, rust and dust. It is, therefore, suitable to clean the greenhouse thoroughly and can be applied to both glass and plastic. Flusol Forte is suitable for cleaning.

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    Virkon S

    Virkon™S disinfectant is effective against more than 500 pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi. The combination of effectiveness, biosecurity, simplicity and safety for the user, animals and the environment makes Virk™ unique.

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