News!Hortus Supplies International is introducing FCM Phero Lure Paste 4%

Hortus Supplies International is introducing FCM Phero Lure Paste 4%

Hortus Supplies International is introducing

FCM Phero Lure Paste 4%

An Innovative Solution for False Codling Moth Control in Roses


The False Codling Moth (FCM), scientifically known as Thaumatotibia leucotreta, presents a significant challenge in the cultivation of various crops, including roses, citrus, peppers, and maize. Controlling FCM has become a top priority for growers worldwide. FCM is an economically important pest for roses as it causes crop damage and is categorized as a quarantine pest by the European Union (EU).

In our continuous efforts to combat FCM and support rose growers, we introduce an innovative solution – FCM Phero Lure Paste 4%. This cutting-edge product harnesses the power of synthetic sex pheromones, specifically targeting the mating behavior of FCM.

Pheromone Paste works by disrupting the natural mating patterns of male FCM moths. The carefully formulated paste releases synthetic pheromones, mimicking the scent emitted by female moths. As a result, male moths become confused and unable to locate females for mating, leading to a significant reduction in FCM reproduction. The FCM Phero Lure Paste 4% contains a higher concentration of
E-8-Dodecenyl acetate and Z-8-Dodecenyl acetate making the product more effective and lasting longer.

The key benefits of using FCM Phero Lure Paste 4% for False Coddling Moth control in roses

Environmentally Friendly: Pheromone Paste is a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to pest management. It specifically targets FCM while minimizing the impact on beneficial insects, pollinators, and the ecosystem as a whole.

Effective Mating Disruption: By disrupting the mating behavior of FCM moths, Pheromone Paste provides long-lasting control and reduces the risk of crop damage caused by larvae.

Integrated Pest Management: Pheromone Paste can be seamlessly integrated into an overall pest management strategy. By combining it with monitoring, cultural practices, and other control methods, growers can optimize FCM control and minimize the need for conventional insecticides.

FCM Phero Lure Paste 4%
Strong against FCM in your greenhouse!

At Hortus Supplies International, we are committed to supporting rose growers in their fight against False Codling Moth. Our FCM Phero Lure Paste 4% offers an innovative, sustainable, and effective solution to manage FCM infestations, safeguard crop quality, and meet the stringent requirements of the EU market. Besides this product we already supply various other products in the battle against the FCM. We have yellow sticky traps to monitor the FCM population. Delta Traps and conventional pheromones. Insect Netting to prevent insects entering the greenhouse. And also AB Gel, a wound coverage for removed tumors caused by Agrobacterium on which the FCM larvae develop.

Contact us today to learn more about FCM Phero Lure Paste 4% and how it can help your rose cultivation and pest management. Together, we can overcome the challenges caused by False Codling Moth and cultivate in blooming, pest-free greenhouses.


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