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Hortus international distributor of personal protective equipment by Houweling Group

Partner — Houweling quality personal protective equipment now distributed by Hortus in Ethiopia, Kenya, Canada and Colombia.
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Hortus partners with Simonetti for tomato clips and truss supports

Partner — Exclusive distribution of proven, high-quality tomato clips and truss supports in the Netherlands, Canada, and Germany.
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Water management and cultivation floors for Canadian growers

Partner — Cultivation floor specialist George de Groot discusses the importance of quality cultivation floors for drainage, product improvement and water usage
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The benefits of Nano trace elements: stronger plants and sustainable in use

Partner — Nano trace elements ensure plant strength and high levels of resistance to many fungi, bacteria and diseases
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Products from B+H Solutions new to the Hortus product range

Partner — At the beginning of April, Hortus and B+H Solutions GmbH entered into an exclusive partnership. B+H Solutions produces patented Nano trace minerals that help to get a stronger, healthier, and more resilient plant. Hortus, an international supplier of...
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