News!Year of Growth and Innovation at Hortus Supplies International

Year of Growth and Innovation at Hortus Supplies International

As the year comes to an end and we say farewell to an incredible 2023, with immense pride and gratitude we share some of the highlights of our journey at Hortus Supplies International. This past year has been a dynamic chapter, and we’re thrilled to showcase some key milestones and exciting developments:

Record-Breaking Fertilizer Sales: Our commitment to quality and innovation led to great fertilizer sales, empowering growers worldwide with our own branded top products. Not only the most common Water Soluble fertilizers, but also our Iron Chelated Trace elements.
In addition to record-breaking fertilizer sales, we introduced cutting-edge products against False Coddling Moth, our FCM Phero Lure Paste 4%. Ask us all about our new NutriBloom Program, to enhance the vitality of your plants leading to so many positive results.

Expanding Horizons: Welcoming new customers from all over the world has been a highlight, as we continue to maintain partnerships and cultivate relationships across the globe. You can now find our products also in El Salvador, British Columbia, Ghana and additional European countries.

International Presence: Our participation in multiple exhibitions worldwide, not only allowed us to showcase our latest products but also gave us the opportunity to keep in close contact with our customers and gave us the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, staying at the forefront of agricultural innovations.

Office Expansion: The finalization of our office expansion marks a significant step forward. This growth provides us with a modern and spacious workspace for our dedicated team. This makes it even more exciting for us to serve you, our valued customers, with an even higher level of dedication and excellence service. You are most welcome to visit us any time.

Team Growth: Our success is because of the great team that we have at Hortus Supplies. We’ve welcomed new talents, not only in head office in the Netherlands but also in Kenya, broadening our skill set and global activities. This enables us to visit our Kenyan customers on a frequent base and now we also have the technical knowledge to service the machines we sell in Kenya.

Community Engagement: Beyond business, we take pride in giving back. Supporting local and foreign sports clubs and charities has been a meaningful way for us to contribute to the communities we serve.

Finally and most important,
Gratitude for Loyal Customers:  To our loyal customers, your trust and partnership have been the most important part of our success. We express our sincere gratitude and look forward to serving you in the years to come.

As we celebrate these achievements, we are full of energy  and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in the new year to come!  Join us again next year in growth, collaboration, and continued success.

On behalf of our worldwide team we wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays!

Richard and Nico