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    The AquaJet has been developed specifically to start off each new growing season in a spotless greenhouse. While travelling over the pipe rail system, the machine cleans the inside of your greenhouse quickly and thoroughly. You can apply cleaning and disinfecting agents and rinse the greenhouse with a high-pressure jet. The machine works without cables, has a hydraulic drive and can be delivered with a continuously adjustable-telescopic boom or an optional module to clean the gutters.

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    The bio choppers are made to shred various crops, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and more. The crop volume is reduced to only 20% of the original volume. The machine uses transport mats on which the crop is transported towards the machine, fed into the machine and shredded.

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    Everyone who is familiar with propagating/growing knows how important cleaning of greenhouses is during the crop rotation. After all, you don’t have any idea what kind of dirt is hiding in the greenhouse after a growing season. Remove dirt from the glass, the gutters and the roof up to the walls. Choose for quality and a thorough approach by cleaning your greenhouse at the end of the season with the right machines and equipment so that you are optimally prepared for the new crop.

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