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    Botri-Spray is a new and innovated biological product for coating and drying of botrytis wounds. It is especially developed against stem botrytis in tomatoes. It is mainly based on vegetable soaps, essential oils and plant extracts.

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    AB gel

    One of the best remedies against agrobacterium is AB gel or spray; a natural wound cover which has to be used after removing the agrobacterum tuber from the plant.

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    CHITO-Power distincts itself from other products by means of its capability to suppress plant parasitic nematodes in two ways. CHITO-Power will stimulate the growth and development of gram-positive bacteria, which as a result suppresses the gram negative bacteria. The gram-positive micro-organisms produce in their turn natural substances that not only suppresses diseases bit also have a positive effect on myccorhyza symbioses.

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    CropCare ensures an explosive growth in the number of hair roots, resulting in optimal absorption of water and nutrients from the soil. Other ingredients in CropCare optimise the environment in the rhizosphere to provide the best possible conditions for plants to grow.

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    Rodimus is used to wash fungi from leaves, to feed the plant with vitamins and natural nutrients (through the leaf) and Rodimus puts a thin protective layer on the leaves to make it more difficult for fungi to stick to leaves. Thus, this product can be used to control or to prevent fungi.

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    Solucion® is a natural remedy that can be used to make plants stronger. The two main ingredients, copper and silicon are surrounded by polysaccharides. The polysaccharides provide this product with a longer-lasting effect and make it possible to use low doses. Copper is essential for the production of leafy green and the ingredient silicon makes the cell walls stronger, which in turn makes the plant less susceptible to diseases and pests.

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    Supramino is a fluid based on amino acids of enzymatic hydrolysis for application via the leaf. The product also contains fulvic acids and plant extracts. It reduces the stress of your crop to maintain the top condition that ensures a higher yield.

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    Dry-Up is composed of a number of acidified ingredients, derived from coco and soya, coco glucoside, and a number of other natural substances. These substances possess very good properties to produce a good outflow and drying effect if you apply this to your crop protection and as after-irrigation of your chrysanthemum crop.

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